Puppy Training Guidance

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Puppy training Guidance

Basic Understanding

When it comes to our pets our understanding is very limited, as a result we are constantly evolving and our knowledge is changing, With dogs in particular there is always something new to discover.


This article aims to help you get some more information to help you look after your pet and bring them up well. After all your dog will become an integral part of your family life.

Unsuitable Foods

You have been told that chocolates are bad for your dog, but do you know why?

The main risk to your pets heath with chocolate is the stimulant it provides from the caffeine and theobromine content, this is particularly more dangerous in dark chocolate as the levels of stimulant are much higher.

Be aware of medications

If you have any medication in your home make sure this is our of reach of your pet, Particularly with new puppies in the household as even the smallest of doses could be lethal to your new furry friend. If your dog should ever digest any of your treatments in your home, seek advise from your local vet immediately.

Do NOT feed at your meal times

We know you (and your kids) love to feed your dog at the table but this will lead to them constantly begging at meal times, this is not something that you want, it can even lead to the family pet stealing scraps from the dinner table, you may then find that your pet will not want to eat at normal feeding times as well. So this is a definite no no. Not to mention it will probably lead to weight issues as well. Ensure your pet stays away from the dinner table at all times during your meal, that way they learn that eating at your meal time is not an option.

Be aware of your dogs needs

Don’t be forceful with your dog if doesn’t want to do something. For example, when you purchase dog treats and it doesn’t want to eat them, not all dogs like the same things the same as humans.

Regular excercise is a must!

Dogs require lots of exercise, this can be good for their physical and mental health. Even small things like playing fetch with a ball or a stick will be fun for the both of you and help to create a strong bond with your dog.

It is good to take your dog to training classes while he or she is still young, as this will help them understand what is expected of them in everyday situations. It will increase their confidence and help you create a well-behaved family pet.

Positive Reinforcement

Make sure your dog is aware how much you love him, when you are maintaining a busy lifestyle is very easy to ignore good actions of your dog and only give attention when you have to deal with bad situations, this creates behaviour difficulties so for every bad action try to reward a few good actions so they realise what is good and bad for them.

Stay in Control

Make sure you stay in control, when your puppy sees that you are in control it will be more obedient towards you and it will strengthen your bond with them making them happy that they are constantly listening to you and doing what you ask.

Seek advise & help when needed

If you have trouble educating your pet don’t be afraid to visit a specialist dog trainer, it is common for people to leave this until things get too bad which makes it harder to break bad habits and teach the dog good things. It is best to do this as soon as possible so you get control of the dog. Leave it too long and you might find that you can never break some of the problem areas.

Pack mentality

It is important that your dog understands that you are in control, if your pet feels he has control above you then you will have trouble getting it to obey your commands, just like in the pack mentality when they were in wild

Regular check-ups

Pet examinations are important and often overlooked after the initial injections, you may not notice problems that arise and your vet will be able to look for these and ensure your pet is in great health.

Controlling Weight

It is important to be aware of food intake, although your pet may love to eat his or her food whenever they are given it this may lead to excess weight so keep an eye on the food they eat and if you need to reduce how much food they get at mealtimes as overweight pets can cause more health problems in later life.

We hope you enjoyed this article and it is provided you with a basis for your training regime going forward thank you for reading.

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