Dogs Meet Their Owners After A Long Time - Try  Not To Cry Compilation

Dogs Meet Their Owners After A Long Time – Try Not To Cry Compilation

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When owners and their dogs have not seen each others for a long time, this is the result! Such an emotional and inspiring video about our friendship with dogs! Enjoy!

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  1. Archetypical 21 century female dog owner: Dog is going to receive more love and attention that night than their clueless dumbass husbands.

  2. Fuck all these dimwitted military goons fighting false wars for CORRUPT CAUSES, YOU are adding to the problem. You are not fighting for a propaganda term called ‘freedom’, you are fighting for TYRANNY, EVIL, AND MONETARY GAIN BY A CHESS GAME PLAYED BY THE TOP PERCENT. WAKE THE FUCK UP!

  3. After 3 days my 90lb pitbull starts going through separation anxiety…. constant whining and pacing, when he hears my bike pulling up to the house after long club runs he goes BONKERS!!!!

  4. First, I just have to say that 'PetWow' commercial is one of the cleverest, most amusing commercials I've seen in a long time. Good for them, I will probably buy something myself, just coz I love to support the good folk. Anyone who's a great friend to animals is a friend of mine. : – ) And, THANK YOU for this massive dose of unconditional love–what we ALL NEED, I'm laughing & crying at the same time, & I know a lot of others are too. Our souls cry out for this kind of straight-up love, loyalty, and joy of just being together. Animals teach us this, and we need to listen harder, they understand the true meaning of life: live in the now(obviously), love with all your heart, forgiving everything, give your all to your loved ones, including protection, fun, play, a friend for life–the one who listens to & puts up with all your bullshit & still thinks you are a god. Please, people, let's listen to the animals and try to save ourselves before we pass the PONR–think about what could happen–which ever path we take. Gratitude for this beautiful and uplifting video, I love these, an unfailing source of my heart being stirred in the best way, love these people & animals tho I'll never meet them. Good stuff!!

  5. Oh my God this video is so beautiful,it made me cry for reals,this ain't no lie,Dogs are mens best friend, cause no matter how long ur gone,they'll never forget you, and what's is so beautiful is the way they actually cry for you,they're just so awsome and amaizing,I love Dogs, they're the best.

  6. Miss my sister's dog he used to wait for me to visit every Friday by the door with a ball because I was the only one who used to play with him ..bless him rip ozzy my mate .

  7. The tiniest of puppers has more love in a single paw than any human does in their whole being. Sorry but its totally true.

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