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Best Cat Urine Cleaner Spray - Cleans Litter Tray: Ecosharkz ANIMAL for CATS Probiotic Cleaner and Deodorizer for Cats (40ml Concentrate yields 1-2 Litres Ready to Use)

Price: £17.97
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Availability: Not Available - stock arriving soon

Manufacturer Description

Do people walk into your home and know you have a cat before they see one? Are you sick and tired of spraying perfumed air fresheners that make you cough from all the chemicals and don't even mask the odour of cat urine and feces?

If your home smells like a litter pan when you get home, or when visitors come to call, you can be sure that your cat litter box needs attention, or that your favorite kitty has once again been spraying the upholstered furniture, drapes, carpets, or corners of the room, establishing his territory...which he seems to feel is your entire house! You've tried all those name-brand air fresheners, the ones that make you cough and choke when you spray them because of all the toxic chemicals!

What you need is the best odour neutralizer ever made, right? But what product is the best to use? Sprays like Sta-Kill, No More Odours and HG Spray Products are effective as an odour remover, but that's all! What if you could find a spray that was an odour killer that also eliminates pet stains AND dissolves waste products into a harmless gel right in the litter box? Would you be interested? What if it was also all-natural, a probiotic bio-cleaner that is safe for cats, your family, your house, and the environment- one you could spray without inhaling toxic chemicals?

ANIMAL for CATS is the product you've been waiting for! It's an effective odor remover, a fast absorber of liquid and solid waste in the litter pan, dissolving them into two harmless elements - Oxygen + Water! You can spray it on your furniture, rugs and draperies, on the cat bed and cat toys, and on floors and corners where your little angel likes to spray!

Just one spray applications works fast and effectively at smell removal, leaving your home clean, and so fresh that no one will know you have a cat ... until you tell them!

Product Features

DISSOLVES LIQUID AND SOLID WAST IN CAT TOILET AREA: Turns cat urine and feces into neutral oxygen and water, leaving litter clean every time your cat uses it! EASY TO APPLY: One application of this powerful pet odour eliminator spray gives your home long-lasting deodorizing effects, and fresh, clean smell! EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATES URINE ODOUR: Cat spray on carpets, rugs, floors, curtains and furniture is neutralized, erasing odours fast! SAFE TO USE: All-natural probiotic eco cleaner really works and is safe for cats, humans, household materials and the environment, and even eliminates claw diseases and infections due to scratching in the litter box. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: CleanUpStore ANIMAL for CATS is a natural odour neutralizer made from natural substances to neutralize waste and odours, transforming them into harmless, biodegradable oxygen and water.

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