Tropical Fish Food 5 Packs, Flake, Granules, Freeze Dried Bloodworm, Algae Wafers, Daphnia

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Manufacturer Description

A superb variety of premium tropical fish feed. Guaranteed fresh and supplied in grip seal packs for continued use. FLAKE: Composition; Fish Meal, Soya dehulled, extracted, toasted, wheat feed flour, plankton, yeast, fish oil, premix Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 49% Crude Fats & Oils 5% Crude Fibre 2% Crude Ash 7% Vitamin A IU(IE)kg 25.000 Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 1.500 Vitamin E mg/kg 100 Vitamin C mg/kg 150 GRANULES Composition; fishmeal, Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Fish oil, premix, yeast Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 53% Crude Fats & Oils 13% Crude Fibre 0.6% Crude Ash 10.7% Vitamin A IU(IE)kg 30.000 Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 3.000 Vitamin E mg/kg 400 Vitamin C mg/kg 600ES: FREEZE DRIED BLOODWORM Composition; Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 58% Crude Fats & Oils 6.5% Crude Fibre 3% Crude Ash 10% ALGAE WAFERS Composition; grain and grain products, spirulina algae, spinach, alpha alpha, wheatgerm, herb soy proteins, tree salt marsh, ligit flour, crustaceans, krill meal, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, antioxdents Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 34% Crude Fats & Oils 6% Crude Fibre 5% Crude Ash 10% Vitamin A IU(IE)kg 24.000 Vitamin D3 IU(IE)kg 2.600 Vitamin E mg/kg 280 Vitamin C mg/kg 550 FREEZE DRIED DAPHNIA Composition Analytical Constituents Crude Protein 52% Crude Fats & Oils 7% Crude Fibre 4% Crude Ash 13%

Product Features

5 PACK VARIETY OF PROREZULT TROPICAL FISH FOOD, 50 grams of Flake 100 grams of Granules 25 grams of Freeze Dried Bloodworm, 50 grams of Freeze Dried Daphnia, 50 grams of Algae Wafers with Spirulina. FULL INGREDIENTS SHOWN IN PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. FANTASTIC VALUE.. A selection of Food and Treats, suitable for all tropical fish and ideal for the community or specialized aquarium. TOTAL VALUE OF THIS PACKAGE BOUGHT SEPARATELY - £18 PLUS. CHECK FOR YOURSELF. TROPICAL FLAKE. A premium complete flake food for all tropical aquarium fish. Feed as much as will be consumed in 2-3 mins, twice daily. TROPICAL GRANULAR.A slow sinking complete granular food for all Tropical Fish Granule size approx 1.3mm. Feed as much as will be consumed in 2-3 mins, twice daily. FREEZE DRIED BLOODWORM. Freeze Dried Bloodworm is the larvae of the mosquito. A complimentary feed. great for all aquarium fish. Feed as much as will be consumed in 2-3 mins, twice daily. ALGAE WAFERS. A slow sinking complete food wafer rich in spirulina & other algaes, Algae wafers are suitable for all tropical, coldwater & marine fish Feed as much as will be consumed in 2-3 mins, twice daily. FREEZE DRIED DAPHNIA. An excellent food for all aquarium fish, small Koi, all pond fry, reptiles, amphibians, young turtles & terrapins. A great source of protein for young fish and fry. Feed in addition to regular food or as a treat. Can be fed as supplied or sprayed with water, frozen and used to feed bottom feeders such as catfish

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