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Heated Pet Mat - SAFE, 12V, CHEAP TO RUN. Ideal Size - 50 x 40 cm. FREE Car Charger. The Best Heated Pet Mat, Heated Pet Pad, Heated Pet Bed Available Today. The Best Heated Pads For Cats, Heated Cat Bed You'll Find. Also Great For Dogs, Rabbits, Kittens,

Price: £27.95
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Manufacturer Description

Heated Pet Mat by Perpetual Bliss

Your pet will love this heated pad - guaranteed! It is the ideal size, not too big or too small at 50x40cm. The dimensions of the box which you will receive promptly in the post are: 29x21x7cm

The heat generated by the mat is a very comfortable 35-40 degrees, just the right temperature and comforting to pets with joint pain etc. It comes with a chew-resistant cable so even if your pet tends to bite things, the cable will not be affected. The fact that the cable is detachable also means it can be fed through a basket, although most owners just place the mat on the floor under a thin blanket.

Is it 100% safe?

Yes. It has been fully tested by the manufacturers and has low 12V voltage. The PVC lined mat beneath the soft cover is fire-resistant and waterproof.

Does it cost much to run?

Thankfully no! You can leave it plugged in constantly and will only cost you a few pence a day. It is extremely economical and completely worth it to see your pet cosy and content!

Does the plug ever get hot to touch?

If your mat has been plugged in for a while, the plug will feel a little warm to touch, but this is perfectly normal. A 12V DC plug transfers voltage from 240V to 12V, so it will naturally feel a bit warm to touch but it is VERY SAFE.

Can the mat be used outdoors and indoors?

It is for indoor use only but remember you are getting a FREE CAR CHARGER so you can enjoy your pet's company even on car trips out!

So in summary, this heated pet mat has been manufactured to a very high quality, is CHEAP to run and completely SAFE. You also have complete peace of mind with our 100% Money Back Guarantee Policy.

Product Features

SAFE LOW 12V VOLTAGE so you can leave it on constantly and not have to worry about it causing any harm. The mat is also fire resistant and waterproof so you have absolutely no safety worries. VERY CHEAP TO RUN so again no need to worry about leaving it on constantly or for long periods. Costs only a few pence per day. CHEW-RESISTANT DETACHABLE CABLE which can feed through a basket. The cable is a very generous length and your pet won't be able to chew through the section closest to the mat. There is also a short-circuit protection inside the transformer so even if the exposed thinner cable was chewed by pets, the power would be cut off automatically. Being detachable can be a very handy feature in various circumstances. FREE 12V CAR CHARGER so your pet can stay cosy beside you even in the car! Buying this separately would cost you a few pounds but we're including it FREE. SUITABLE FOR WHELPING BASKETS AND RECOVERY CAGES - the warmth will be very comforting for your pet and help to ease joint pain. The machine washable, soft cover on top is extremely comfy.

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