Catit Original Flower Fountain 3 Litre Water Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs

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Manufacturer Description

Catit Senses 2.0 Flower Fountain
The Flower Fountain from Catit Senses uses flowing water to encourage your cat to drink more. This drinking fountain has a 3 litre reservoir and is designed to take up minimal space. You can choose from three different ways to provide your cat with water: a normal, light flow when you are not using the flower, water bubbling up when using the white flower and gentle flows using the white flower with the yellow button. In addition, the Flower Fountain has a softening filter. This filter purifies and softens tap water and also keeps loose hairs and dirt out of the water. This filter is also available separately. Please note: One pack contains 2 filters. We recommend that you change the filter every 3 to 4 weeks or when it is visibly dirty.

When designing the Flower Fountain, so-called 'whisker stress' prevention was also considered. A cat's whiskers are very sensitive, so it can be bothersome when the cat is eating or drinking and its whiskers keep touching the edges of the food bowl. When designing the height of this drinking fountain, Catit Senses has also made sure that adult cats can drink in a comfortable position. In addition, this drinking fountain is easy to take apart and clean.

Flowing water
Flowing water contributes to a better health for your pet. The flowing water ensures that the cat can see the water properly, which is not always the case for stagnant water. Because the water is constantly flowing, it attracts oxygen. The clean, flowing and oxygen-rich drinking water helps prevent health problems and stimulates your pet to drink more water, which also contributes to a good health.

3 litre water reservoir
Three different flow settings
With a softening filter (replacement filters available separately)
Helps to prevent Whisker Stress
Ergonomic design


Product Features

ENCOURAGE PETS TO DRINK MORE - The Catit Flower Fountain is the original Flower Fountain which uses running water to encourage pets to drink more. Drinking regularly is important for your cat's health, as it helps ensure proper kidney function and prevents crystal formation that can lead to urinary diseases. 3 WATER FLOW SYSTEM - The Catit Flower Fountain uses running water featuring 3 water flow settings to engage even the pickiest of drinkers with a gentle flow, bubbling top and calm stream flow. 3L WATER RESERVOIR - Storing 3L of water so your cats have a fresh supply of water all day. TRIPLE ACTION FILTER INCLUDED - Continuously purifies and softens hard tap water to help prevent urinary tract disease which is common in cats, whilst also retaining stray hairs and debris. Fountain is compatible with the *change to new name* (Amazon code: B0748H3GKN (5 pack) and B071JSBR9X (2 pack)) QUIET AND ENERGY EFFICIENT - Costs less than 2p per day to run (based on 15p per KwH, 24hr usage per day). Extra quiet pump so you can barely hear the water running.

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