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Best 4 Our Pets Automatic Pet Feeder - Dispenses the Correct Portion of Cat or Dog Food | Programmable Time Controlled to Help Control Weight and Keep Your Pet Healthy | Convenient for Travelers

Price: £54.99
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Availability: Not Available - stock arriving soon

Manufacturer Description

Convenient, Automatic, Portion Controlled Meals for Happy and healthy Pets

This Best 4 Our Pets Automatic Pet Feeder is for dog or cat owners who want to control the portions their dog or cat eats while using a traditional bowl, and who enjoy the convenience of having meals automatically dispensed.

Are you concerned about controlling the amount your pet eats? Overweight pets suffer many of the same health problems that overweight humans do, including joint issues that can severely affect an animal's quality of live in its golden years. Portion control through a dog or cat's life can make a big difference in how long and how comfortably they live.

If you want to help dispense the correct amount of a healthy portion of food, deliver timely feedings for families on irregular schedules, and know your pet is getting a measured amount to help with weight issues... then this automatic pet feeder is the most important pet product you will ever purchase!

This Best 4 Our Pets Automatic Pet Feeder is an amazing new automatic pet feeder that helps every dog or cat owner rest assured that your pet is not overeating and know your cat is getting fed if you are gone a few days.

Don't miss this opportunity to help dispense the correct amount of a healthy portion of food to your pet automatically! - Order Now!

Product Features

DISPENSE A HEALTHY PORTION OF PET FOOD - This automatic pet food dispenser is simple to program, ensuring that the correct amount of a healthy portion of food to your dog or cat will be provided automatically at each meal. NEVER WORRY ABOUT WHO FED THE DOG AGAIN - With the time controlled food bowl you can deliver timely feedings even if your family has an irregular schedule. There's no guess work out of whether your dog or cat was fed. KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHY WITH AUTOMATIC PORTION CONTROL - You don't need to be concerned about accidentally over feeding your dog and creating weight issues that can cause health problems. You can relax knowing that your pet is getting a measured amount of food, eliminating the possibility of overeating. YOUR CAT WILL BE FED ON SCHEDULE WHILE YOU ARE OUT OF TOWN - You can feel confident and secure knowing your automatic cat feeder is providing the proper portions even if you are gone for a few days THERE IS NO STRESS WITH THIS SIMPLE TO OPERATE AND EASILY PROGRAMMABLE FEEDER- You can set the serving to 1 to 12 measured portions up to 3 times a day

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